Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do first?

Call the insurance agent/company to file a claim.

2. Do I need to get more than one estimate?

The insurance company will either have you take your car to their facility, their preferred shop or have an adjuster come to you to get the initial estimate done on your vehicle.

3. Do I have to get my vehicle fixed at their preferred shop or can I use any shop?

They will try to get you to, however, it is YOUR DECISION! A lot of people call the dealership and ask them who they use!

4. Does CMC work with my insurance company?

We work with all insurance companies.

5. Do I need to make an appointment to bring my car and insurance estimate by for CMC to look at it?

It is best if you make an appointment, that way we can be sure that an estimator is on site.

6. Will you waive my deductible?

We are working off of a discounted rate with the Insurance company already. Be leery if you have a shop agree to waive your deductible because, A: they could be adding things to the estimate that they are not.

actually repairing or writing a high estimate to cover the cost and B: if they take the deductible out of their profit they could be cutting corners to make up for it. 

7. Will you only fix some of the damage and give me the money back for the work that isn’t done?

If it is a customer pay repair, we will fix whatever you ask us to based on the agreement made between us. If it is an insurance job, we are required to repair everything included in the estimate. Not only is it fraudulent on our part to not fix everything included in the estimate, but it is also a safety issue and could make us liable if someone was hurt or killed in an accident because we didn’t do a repair correctly or completely.

8. What if I have prior damage, will you just “fix that while you are there?”

We will fix prior damage with an agreement/understanding, that you will be responsible for the difference in cost to repair prior damage.

9. Do you use OEM parts?

We use OEM parts as much as possible, this is a battle between us and your insurance company because they only want to pay for after market parts, you don’t like that and we don’t like that either. Most of the time we can get our suppliers to give us the OEM parts at a discount so that we can do what’s best for you and your vehicle.

10. Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee our work for as long as YOU own your vehicle.

*As a general guideline, most small repairs take 3-5 working days and a large collision can take up to a month. This does not account for delays in receiving parts, insurance issues, or highly difficult repairs. Completing work quickly is important to all parties, but most important is a proper and safe repair that returns your vehicle to its pre-loss state or better!