Where you take your car after a collision, is your decision

The clear decision in Colorado Springs is Clear Max Collision. We care about doing the best job for you and guarantee our work for as long as you own your vehicle.

Our stress-free repair process

Step 1: Vehicle Drop Off + Check-in

We provide a full video recording of your vehicle to document initial damage as well as additional dings and dents!

Step 2: Damage Assessment

Our goal is to complete your car in the time we estimate, barring any additional damage being found once disassembly has begun.


Step 3: Paint Refinishing

Our painter has over 35 years of experience and is an artist.

Step 4: Reassembly

We ensure that everything goes back together correctly, that components function properly and the vehicle will be safe and perform as expected.

Step 5: Wash Exterior + Quality Assurance & Pickup!

You get your car back! All repairs must be paid in full, unless prior arrangements are made with the owner.


“My collision repair went very smooth. From the estimate to the checkout everything was done swiftly and accurately. The repair looks great and was done sooner than expected. The insurance company also liked the quality of the estimate and accepted it with no concerns.”

Ryan Tanner

Getting my car repaired at Clear Max was the best choice I could make! It looks absolutely amazing and is holding up well despite the weather being crazy. As soon as I walked in the door the experience was wonderful. Such kind people, and I will 100% refer anyone I know to get repairs here!!

Krystyne Abeyta

Great owners. Answered all my questions… even the little ones. Pushed my van in every night so nothing would get stolen. In addition, they gave us some real sound advice to protect ourselves. Very grateful they were recommended to me. I have recommended them to others already.

Greg Swartz

If you’ve been in a car accident and your insurance company has tried to direct you to their “preferred” auto body shop, you may have experienced insurance steering. Your insurance company may have an agreement with certain body shops that is mutually beneficial: the body shop agrees to lower prices on vehicle repairs with the understanding that the insurance company will send more business their way. However, the party that doesn’t benefit from this agreement is you.

How do you know if you’re being steered?

Your insurance representative may tell you that they can’t guarantee the work of your chosen body shop, that you may have to pay more money for your claim, or even that they’ve had issues with your chosen shop -- all to “steer” you in the direction of a body shop on their list.

Insurance steering is illegal in most states. In Colorado, you have the right to choose any repair facility for your vehicle.

If you experience your claims representative trying to steer you toward a shop of their choosing, know you have the right to select your own body shop. If your car needs repair after an accident, bring it to the trusted body shop of your choice -- your shop can even help you report your claim.